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Coffee Laboratories

At our advanced coffee laboratories, we calibrate our systems and equipment for efficient, accurate results. Our team of coffee techs bar-code each sample. ie ACA Sensory Panel always performs taste tests “blind,” using a three-digit code to ensure objectivity.

  • Moisture meters (for testing moisture % of green coffee)
  • Agtron Meters (for measurement of roast degree)
  • Color Spectrophotometer (for measurement of color)
  • Vacuum Ovens (for moisture loss-by-drying analysis)
  • Analytical Scales (accurate to .0001 grams)
  • Carbon Dioxide Meter (to measure % carbon dioxide of a gas sample)
  • Vacuum Gauge (to measure package and canned coffee vacuum)
  • Dissolved Solids Meters (to determine concentration of ions in solution)
  • Grinders of various models for different applications (to grind roasted whole bean, espresso, or green coffee)