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What is the Africa coffee academy

What is the Africa coffee academy

The Coffee

Once you have harvested the coffee well it is necessary to ensure that the post harvest handling is carried out to perfection. The Coffee Academy classes include hands on training that will provide the needed expertise to produce specialty coffee. The Coffee Academy provides an opportunity to experience coffee and the process of preparing it in a way that few people are familiar with.

The Knowledge The Coffee Academy provides information on several important aspects of coffee. You will learn about the history, the origins and processing of coffee and gain an understanding of what goes into the production, processing, marketing and roasting processes. All of this information will be valuable as you educate your clients and build a reputation as someone who truly knows their business. Clients are more likely to spread the word about your business if you give them something to talk about.


Excellent service begins with a clear understanding of what the customer wants and expects. The Coffee Academy will provide information that will give you the competitive edge in the services you provide. The quality of the coffee product, and the power of the knowledge you provide will create the “Total Coffee Experience” when combined with outstanding service.
The Academy offers:

Training in all branches of the industry

Agronomy, farming production, and coffee processing practices

Quality analysis and management, from coffee appreciation and cupping to lab work

Trading skills, including coffee price risk management, selling skills, and negotiation and coffee entrepreneurship

Coffee brewing skills, from basic to championship standard Barista skills

Training skills, presentation skills, management skills and other “soft” skills

Coffee sustainability in the three dimensions of social, economic and environmental

Third Party Quality Management Services in

Coffee quality analysis, including portable lab

Weighing and tallying

Coffee catering (on and off site)

Coffee Machinery and Equipment Trading

Coffee equipment advisory services

Coffee equipment sourcing and sales

Coffee Consultancy – including;

Training module and materials development

Business plan development,

Funding proposals,

Strategy formulation

Feasibility studies,

Research/survey, etc.

Expertise – Why We Are Different

We are experts

Corporately we have nearly 150 years of international business and industry experience, mostly in coffee – we have both Ugandan and UK citizens on the team

We know and love coffee from end to end – we are passionate about it

Our trainers are professionally trained, and among the best in Africa – they know WHAT to train, and they know HOW to train it

We deliver results

Our focus is always on the EFFECTIVENESS of our services and training; if we do not believe we can offer you real, tangible benefits, we will tell you


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    Hi, my name is Ahmed, I am from Saudi Arabia, I won a coffee shop and like to know how could you help me in
    recruiting a barista from Africa to join my store in Saudi Arabia.
    thanks you

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